1985: ENERGAS was founded in 1985 in the Industrial Area of Schimatari Viotias in Greece, in privately owned facilities espessialy designed from the beginning for the production and the bottling of gas cartridges of 190g. Taking advantadge of our powerful production based on the proper technological training of personnel and the modern machinery equipment for that period, we entered dynamically in the gas cartridge Industry.

1995: Rapidly, the Company became a benchmark for the Industry, having already gained significant market shares in the domestic market concluding partnerships with the largest companies operating in the area. At the same time exports its products all over the world.

2006: After the implementation of our investment program, ENERGAS significantly increased the production capabilities of gas cartridges of 190g, basically by doubling up the production capacity and operating two fully automatic lines for producing and bottling gas cartridges of 190g. As part of this investment was the establishment of a new production line in our Factory for the production and the bottling of gas cartridges of 500g.

Today: ENERGAS’ mechanological equipment and know-how, remained unparalleled in the passage of time. After 30 years of continious presence we are still striving to be the best we can and lead the market into developments. Currently we have one of the largest and most contemporary units for the production and bottling of gas cartridges. Taking advantage of these capabilities and our multiannual experience, ENERGAS is basically an export company, offering products either under its own labels Energas and Champion Gaz or under other different private labels which are available and could be found in many countries around the world.