High quality is always our main priority. Since the beginning, back in 1985, ENERGAS has been guided by the guarantee of the highest quality of the products produced. Nowadays, after the installation and operation of a Quality Management System according to international standards, we can  test, ensure and deliver products that are fully harmonised with EN 417. We are fully harmonised with European Union Standard EN 417: 2012 and the manufacturing – bottling of our products is monitored, rechecked and certified by the competent international  inspection body, MIRTEC S.A. giving us the Unique Certificate of Examination for each type of gas cartridge produced in our Factory.

We are constantly inspecting throughout the production process in order to optimise the products that leave our facilities, thus ensuring the pleasure of our associates and final consumers. Our production process follows literally all European and international directives, while at the same time it manages the ISO 9001: 2008 system certified by the Swiss IAS REGISTER. All the raw materials used are followed by attestations and certificates of suitability to ensure their highest quality and origin.

The production date and serial number are printed on all gas cartridges  produced by ENERGAS to optimise the process of tracking products from our factory at any time. At the same time, we maintain feedback mechanisms with our partners to ensure the safe deliveries of our merchandise.

Our Company, through continuous progress and development, is constantly striving to ensure the improvement and quality of its products. Our primary goal is always the best care and service of our customers so that we are worthy of the trust they have shown us over the years.